The most important responsibility you have is yourself. Tiny Spells is a witchy little self care email. It’s a daily digest containing 3 tasks, activities or goals that can help YOU to look after YOU.

Tiny Spells respects your privacy!

The spellbook for your soul

Staying on top of your mental, emotional and physical health isn’t the easiest task. Fitness trackers and smart watches give you more data, but it’s hard to know what to do with it. And you know what, it’s 2019. Everything is on fire and all of us are struggling. It happens. ✨🔥✨

✨ 1 email every morning

Each morning, you’ll receive the Tiny Spells email, with a few little pieces of content to kick off the day on the right note.

✨ Your self-care plan in 5 minutes

Each email contains just 3 things to do to include self care your day. It’s a 5 minute checklist that’s there when you need it.

✨ Small, manageable tasks

Tiny Spells are never a big ask. It’s not about running a marathon. It’s just about a little bit of time and effort.

✨ Free for life

Tiny Spells is not advertisement supported, it’s not a paid subscription, and there’s no spon-con. Not now. Not ever!

✨ The Tiny Spells Story ✨

Building Tiny Spells is something I’m incredibly proud about. A few months ago, I started working on my own self care and health, by opening my notes app every morning and writing down 3 activities with a matching emoji that would make me feel good about myself and my day.

It was such a rejuvenating task, and it really made a difference to my head and heart. As I spoke to my friends and the people around me, I started to realise that everyone needs a self care practice. I decided to formalise my daily checklist, and turn it into an easy, accessible way to make self care a part of your life .

I initially conceived it as a simple daily email that might reach a few dozen people. It’s turned into a platform with hundreds of community members who love their self care spells and are using it to transform their day.

xox Joan Westenberg 🍕🍕🍕

Tiny Spells Founder

The Tiny Spells Community

Right now, our community runs via email and Twitter. But over the next few months, Tiny Spells will be launching an interactive community - hopefully via Discord! It will be a way to connect with other folks who want to take a little step towards self care, share your own journey, and become a part of a movement that is focused on getting better, rather than just getting more. ✨💕✨

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